3 Things My Cat Taught Me


Stella Bella 0031. BE ALERT: In the morning, my cat and I have a routine.  I greet her, sit in a chair and she jumps up into my lap with a glorious purr that I so love. One morning, while in the midst of our routine, she made a mad dash to the window where she saw two baby birds come out from underneath our air conditioner. She hopped and jumped and banged on the window as though the birds would even notice her. That’s when I got it! Purring in my lap every morning is fine, but my cat is ever vigilant and alert! She never misses and opportunity to sit in the window and watch the birds, after all, she is stimulated by their presence which trumps mine!

2. BE PATIENT: I am amazed at how long she can sit and observe the birds. Still as the night, she watches and waits. When the birds go back under the air conditioner, she patiently waits for them to come out again. Why doesn’t she leave the window sill and go do something else, I wonder. She just sits and waits and while she waits, she listens to the sounds of activity under the air conditioner. Eventually, the birds come out again chirping and flapping their baby wings.

3. SEIZE THE MOMENT: Since my focus and concentration is best in the mornings, I try to get my ‘writing’ time in. As I approach my office and open the door, who comes tearing pass me leaping into my chair? My cat! She jumps into my chair so fast that she spins around in it! She rolls over on her back and meows. She is signaling me to rub her belly. It never fails. It’s almost as if she knows that I will be strapped to my chair the rest of the day and that she’d better get her chance to be petted and rubbed now!

These three things that  I have learned, from observing my cat, have proven to be helpful to me in general. It’s interesting what we can learn from our pets!

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Stay Tune…



The Visitation


I knew that it was Friday, but I hadn’t noticed that I was following a practice that my grandmother established in our home when I was a little girl. We ate the same thing every Friday. Fish on Fridays! I never liked cod fish and we haven’t become friends despite the years that have gone by. I manage every now and then to have some cod fish cakes.

Fish cake blog 012

So…I found myself cooking fish for dinner. I gave it a different twist though. I made wild salmon cakes! We will be having that with some grits on the side. That’s right! Grits!

I am feeling like ‘grandma’ is here with me in the kitchen. I am cooking on my 100 year old vintage stove and making fish on a Friday, hmm… I have morphed into ‘grandma’! That’s a good thing indeed. Although she passed away many years ago, she has left me with good memories.

Fish cake blog 011Fish cake blog 010

I will certainly be enjoying my dinner this evening! It’s good to be visited by loved ones!


Stay Tuned…

Random Thoughts At 6 am


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True or false:

1. Practice makes perfect.

False! You can practice until the cows come home, but if you don’t have the ability for something you will never be able to perfect it!

2. Readers will make good writers.

False! Readers read because they want to or because they like to, but don’t have to. Writers had better be readers! It’s imperative that writers read, because their point of view is not the only one that exist. Learning through reading broadens one’s scope and ability to see things from the other man’s point of view.

3. You never miss the water till the well runs dry.

True and false! If the water is bitter, you won’t miss it. If the water is sweet, you’ll certainly miss it!

4. Follow your heart.

 False! That can often be one of the most dangerous things to do unless you have fully evaluated its content.

5. Live up to your name!

False! What’s in a name these days? Some of the very best ‘Names’ are associated with infamy. Character needs to be considered when thinking of one’s name.

6. You’ll get over it.

True and False! Before you get over it, learn from it. If you can’t get over it, you need counseling.

Words Count


Finding the right word to describe what you’re feeling or thinking creates a wonderful path for expression.

Spending too much time pontificating while the listener is struggling to understand your point is empty communication. Reading a book that leaves you wondering what the author is saying is pointless.

I’ve always appreciated reading books that were down to earth and easy to understand. The only thing that I don’t mind pausing to do, when reading a book, is to meditate on a thought that is worth thinking about. If I have to stop and pull out a dictionary too often, chances are I won’t be finishing the book.

Often writers write in the same way in which they speak. That’s quite alright as long as they know their audience’s ability to understand where they are coming from.

Words count! The task of the writer is to make sure that they do!