Waiting and Enduring


It is day 8 of no gas, heat and hot water due to gas leak in our home! Rather than become frustrated and upset over the process, I decided to take each day as it comes.

We were told that the usual process is 2-3 weeks before your gas could be turned on. It can be a difficult situation to endure. We cannot do laundry (we use a gas dryer), cook, shower or heat the house.

You certainly learn quickly what stuff you are made of. I decided to make a list of the things I was grateful for despite the circumstances.

1. The gas leak was found in time and as a result, a greater devastation was prevented.

2. We are not in the bitter cold of winter.

3. Our electric heater has kept 2 main rooms comfortably warm.

4. Our daughter lives nearby and her home is available for showers.

5. We can eat out sensibly and healthily by making wise choices. On occasion a hot meal from local restaurant.


6. Our PRAYERS have adjusted our thinking and our attitudes.

We were told that due to the fact that the City Inspector was going to be out of the office for 4 days; which his office learned of at the last minute, they would send out another inspector and list us as an emergency. That is suppose to occur today. Con Ed will do their final inspection before gas is restored to our home. It takes a week or more to get Con Ed out to the premises…..and so we wait.

Stay Tune…



The Less You Have The More You Have!


BrainstormDid you ever feel as if you couldn’t accomplish your heart’s desire because of limited resources? Sometimes those resources are financial or they could simply be the lack of support from individuals who are in the position to assist you.

It’s terrible when a person’s passion or dream dies because they feel helpless when it comes to getting¬† things up and running. We all have had dreams of some sort. A lot of energy goes into dreaming, wishing and wanting, but extending that energy and setting a game plan in place is where many fail to follow through on.

I was always clear on what I wanted to accomplish in life. The difficulty was in bringing it to fruition. The people I thought would assist me, didn’t. The tools that I thought would be available to me, wasn’t.

After experiencing the frustration of the ‘brick wall’ that was not moving, I decided to put the same amount of energy I spent on dreaming; into figuring out a way to accomplish my goal.

I asked myself three questions.

1. Is this something I can do  on my own?

2. What will I need to accomplish my goal?

3. What am I willing to sacrifice to make this a reality?

Have you ever been around anyone who had so much available to them, yet they never seemed to accomplish anything despite all they had? Being privy to that is quite sickening, to say the least.

Well…at one point I thought that I would need a host of things made available to me in order to do what I wanted to do. I learned that what was important for me to have, I already had!

I set a game plan in motion and brainstormed like crazy and decided that I would move forward with what I had to make my dream a reality! As I did what was within my grasp to do, everything else that I may have needed materialized on its own! I did all of the research and weighed the pros and cons of what I was doing and found the best company to move me forward putting the final touches on it. Also, other individuals came on board to assist me when hearing about my project.

In reality it may not seem like it, but the less you have, the more you have! I say that, because for those who started out with nothing but a burning passion to do something, they brainstormed and came up with ways to do it and they reached their goal!

Don’t sit around with your dreams burning a whole in your belly! Put on your thinking cap and brainstorm until you run out of ideas! You just might be surprised at what you come up with!


Stay Tune…







Can’t A Sistah Catch A Break?


Today was one of those days! I had several things that I needed to do. One of things I had to do was to shop for groceries. UGH!!! I’d rather do laundry any day than to shop for groceries.

When I reached the check out, the cashier informed me that I had earned free groceries. I said, “Really”? I waited for the other shoe to drop. Usually with a statement like the one he gave me, comes the freebie, but it’s never what I want or need. To my surprise, the items were exactly what I wanted and needed!

Fruit 002

While going down my ‘To Do’ list, I remembered that I needed to upgrade my cell phone. I really dislike the whole process at the phone stores. I decided that I would try doing it this time, at Costco. Yes, you heard me right, Costco! I went over to the cell phone booth and upgraded my phone. It only took 20 minutes and I got the phone case, car charger, screen protectors and a vinyl case as part of the package! Had I gone to the phone store, I would have paid separately for those items.

Despite all the things I had to do today, all in all, it was a productive day! While cruising along in my car I listened to and enjoyed a new Jazz CD I purchased by Tyrone Birkett & Paula Ralph Birkett entitled: Emancipation-Post Modern Spirituals: The Promised Land.

Cruizin 004

I’ve often quoted that line, “Can’t A Sistah Catch A Break”? Well…today she did!

Stay Tune…