The Task of The Writer



I’ve read books in the past that were over 300 pages long. The subject was interesting to me and I hung in there until the end. Some of the books I read were laborious to get through because the author was either repetitive with their point or they used too many words to express a thought. There were other books that captured me to the point where I didn’t realize I had read 400 or more pages.

As a writer, I specialize in getting to the point and sticking to it. I don’t think that I will ever write a 400 page book. As a writer, I want readers to get a quick understanding about the subject presented and to enjoy the read. I realize that they bought my book or read my article because it had something in it of interest.

Today’s busy and instant society rarely has time to engage in a long read unless they have found a book worthy of their time and attention. In taking that into consideration, I keep my wring simple and straight to the point. I did receive a book review once where the reader stated that they wished my book was a little longer, because in their opinion, it was a good read.

Writers have the task of grabbing the interest of the reader and taking him or her on a journey that teaches, informs, and leaves them wanting more. It is not an easy task, but it is one that I will achieve!

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My Book Excerpts Dramatized


I’m sure that at some point in time in developing a manuscript for publication, a writer envisions his or her words with some form of drama attached. After all, as a writer, you are capturing your emotions with words; hoping to take the reader along the journey of feeling and experiencing your story.

I have envisioned a movie being made of my first book, ‘Called To Suffer’. It would be interesting to watch a live version.

Writers, keep writing! Keep experiencing life and keep writing about it!

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The Old vs. The New


There has been so many changes over the years; some for the good and some for the bad. I can remember my first VCR. It lasted 10 years and when it was no longer working, I bought another one. I made the mistake of assuming that it too would last another 10 years. Unfortunately, it died within 3 years.

Technology was on the rise and turning over more and more new items for sale. I was told by a friend that the new models were made to break down within a certain time. I found it hard to adjust to the notion that what I spent hard earn money on, would no longer go the distance.

I can remember back in the day when ‘quality’ was the absolute must for manufacturers. There were companies that stood behind their products and we purchased items based on the manufacturers name because the product stood the test of time.

Things are different now. My old Chamber stove had a gas leak and we made the decision to get rid of her. It was a quality stove and nothing cooked like it. The thought of having to purchase a new stove was troubling, however, it had to be done.

Fish cake blog 010

Would I be purchasing a stove just as reliable, that stood the test of time? Would it cook as well as my old stove? With many makes and models out there to choose from, I became overwhelmed. We needed a stove right away and there were too many to choose from even within our price range. Luckily for me, I had a dear friend who had recently purchased one and she became my helpful guide in choosing a stove.

New Stove 006

I knew how to use my old stove and how much time it took to cook things without even thinking about it. The new stove has digital settings that require you to set the temperature control and the amount of cooking time. I had to think about what I never had to think about before. With my old stove, I would just put food in and I knew when it was done. I never really thought much about the cooking time. I’m pretty sure somewhere in the recesses of my mind I knew, but I never consciously put a time limit to it.

I told myself that I needed to learn how to use this stove ASAP! I can say that I’m getting the hang of it. On a positive end, I can now use my cooking pans that never fit in the old stove. I can now cook a few dishes at one time. I also discovered that I like the fact that once you set the time on the oven, it automatically shuts off when it’s done and I love the fact that it has 5 burners!

I still believe that products that were ‘Older’ held better quality because they proved to last longer. Although ‘New’ has more modern conveniences, it costs a whole lot more and may not stand the test of time!

Nonetheless, I am glad to have a stove again!

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