To Be Called ‘Girlfriend’ Is A Privilege!


Cover Art by Internationally Acclaimed Artist, Jonathan Green

I can remember going to the amusement park and riding the Cyclone over and over again, knowing that when it started to slowly coast uphill, I was going to scream my head off as it dropped into a fast and winding curve; leaving my heart in my mouth!

Human nature can produce the same kind of feeling, depending on who you’re dealing with, unfortunately. It can sometimes feel as if you are on an obstacle course. Look out for this! Watch out for that! Sometimes people can be so mixed up and screwed up in their  thinking that they put others through unnecessary stuff!

It’s never easy handling your own insecurities and fears, but it’s never advisable to let them loose on others! Face up to whatever the problem is and hash it out within yourself.

When dealing with someone ends up leaving you with huge question marks, believe me, there’s something legitimate to wonder about. High maintenance is what I call it, because that’s exactly what it will require in order to deal with them.

I decided long ago that I was ‘Taking No Prisoners’! I left the ball and chains behind. Anything or anyone who presented stress, strife, confusion or the inability to act right, was not invited along for the journey.

Even the Holy Bible says, “Better to be in the wilderness (alone) than to tolerate a contentious and angry female (Proverbs 21:19)”! Why do we continue to take one another on roller coaster rides? Why won’t we call an ace an ace and a spade a spade? If we have a legitimate leg to stand on, we shouldn’t have any difficulty being straight with each other. Some of us are so out of touch with ourselves that we continue to play games while trying to hide what is in plain sight.

Well…at the end of the day, I can only work on me. I am responsible for being the best possible example I can be to  all my ‘Sisters’ and ‘Sistah’ friends!

Stay Tune…


Artist:  Jonathan Green


Patricia Stuart


Becoming Good Friends


Me and my custom made Hoolah Hoop are becoming good friends! It’s one of the best options to working out! Put the music on and go with it! In less than 30 seconds, it will get your heart rate up.

It may take a while to keep the hoop up, but when you do, look out! A custom made hoop is for adults. The kiddy ones won’t do!

It works the ‘core’ muscles! I am hooked! One of my girlfriends put me on to this! Thank You! You know who you are!

Stay Tune…

It's a good exercise work out!

It’s a good exercise work out!

Got It Going! Reminds me of being a kid on the block hooping it up!

Got It Going! Reminds me of being a kid on the block hooping it up!

Doing It!

Doing It!

Back In The Saddle


writer's roomOnce again, I’ve been inspired to put pen to paper. I’ve written an outline for my next book. Although I know the direction I want to take with the story line, I’ve learned to remain open. The process of writing can sometimes take you to a place you had not anticipated going to.

I write as one who reads. As a reader, I enjoy words of wisdom, words that inspire and words that challenge. I also enjoy when the author is brutally honest!

At this moment, I am considering a few possible ‘titles’, nevertheless, I am enjoying the process! I will definitely be going down memory lane.

I’ve had so many valuable experiences in life. I have been given the charge, by God, to ‘Go And Tell’. This is not an easy task because it requires enduring. You cannot ‘Tell’ what you haven’t endured, and you cannot ‘Tell’ what you haven’t learned. To learn means that you have endured something that left you with more knowledge and more understanding than you had before.

Stay Tune…