Writing And Painting


My Art #6While writing a sequel to my first book, ‘Called To Suffer’, and planning my daughter’s wedding, I took up painting. I am now hooked for sure! 

I have been learning the basics in acrylic painting and it’s not as easy as it looks. You do not draw, you paint things onto the canvas. This concept took a while for me to get use to. 

The art of painting requires that you pay very close attention to detail. I am learning to look at trees, landscape and the sky in a much different way than before. This could definitely help me when writing. Although I cannot list the ways in which this will enhance my writing; I am ready to see what happens.

Another important thing is something called shading. You do not paint a sky or a seascape all in one color. If you look at a landscape portrait, you’ll notice the gradual changes in the color of the sky and the sea. Depending on where your light source is coming from, you’ll see colors that have hints of brightness to them.

Shading creates a three-dimensional look. The same thing can be done in writing. 

Paying attention to detail, as a writer, provides a nice flow for the reader. Knowing what details to leave in or out might be a challenge, but when the right ones are in place, the reader is swept away and caught up in the story you’re telling.

I will continue to paint and write; write and paint!

Stay Tune…