Who Do You Attract?


Who Do You Attract

The world is made up of all kinds of people with various personalities and behaviors. It’s been expressed by some that they are tired of ending up in the wrong relationships; be it  female to female relationships or with the opposite sex.

Are certain types of people attracted to us or are we attracting certain types of people? I have come to the conclusion that each of us, initially, attract certain types of people based on these two things:


2. The way that we interact with others.

It actually only takes 10-15 minutes to assess a person’s personality type, provided you are paying attention. Humans are social by nature. Some of us are talkers, some are more contemplative while others are eerily quiet.

If you find that you are attracting people who are phony and pretentious, insecure or abusive, you might want to examine your own tendencies to see whether or not you are participating in the same behavior. If so, you will lean more towards attracting these types of people.

I have also observed that well adjusted, secure, and positive persons generally have friendships that are characteristic of the same qualities. From this I have gathered that they are attracting people who may be different in personality, but they share the same attitude and approach to life.

It is far more easy to list the things that have not worked well for us in relationships with others than it is to sit in judgement of ourselves. Taking a closer look to see where the problem may lie, will be a challenge. What we are giving off to others speaks to our personality and character.

If we have the courage to check ourselves out, we may find that particular bait that we keep dangling out there in the sea of life. We may possibly see why we have the types of relationships we’ve ended up with.

Superficial people have the tendency to attract other superficial people because they are not interested in investing in others. There’s a lack of commitment that keeps them at arms distance.

There may also be those rare occasions where certain people gravitate towards you for selfish reasons. They see something they are attracted to that could benefit them if they attach themselves to you. You will have to decide whether or not you want to be friends with them.

So…Who Do You Attract? Who’s in your friendship circle? Who’s in your inner circle? What type of people almost never end up as your friends?

We’re always communicating with others, via our personality, our words or our behavior. We’re also attracting certain types of people. It’s something to think about!

Stay Tuned…

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