Be Strong Enough!


Stand UpHumans can be wonderful creatures! Some are talented, resilient, comical and smart; while others are inventive, brilliant and wise!

But, there is something that some humans have a tendency to do, and that is, ‘Looking The Other Way’ when the situation at hand calls for Courage!

Whether in the work place, educational facility, the church, or in the community, there will always be an opportunity to take a stand for what is right, what is needed the most, and what is best.

As humans we complain about many things concerning other humans. We all have our opinions on how things should be done. We all know when there’s a problem on the job, where the brunt of the blame lies. If there are trouble makers at school, or in any department we work in, everyone knows who’s making the trouble. The same thing applies to church.

Often, the ones that cause the problems are talked about quietly under the breath, in the corner, in the dark, in the back, in the booth. Then, when a particular situation arises, providing the opportunity to address the problem or situation, people remain silent.

It’s a down right shame to forgo on the opportunity to be a voice for what is right! I’m not talking about useless, aimless opinions here. I am speaking about having the courage to stand up and use your God-given voice for anything that would make conditions better or curtail negative behavior that can break down the morale of the people who are trying to work towards a common goal.

What good is it to talk about what’s wrong and vent about the person doing the wrong? What is the point? At the end of the day everyone is impacted one way or the other. Everyone suffers. Everyone is bothered by what’s happening.

I realize that it takes courage to challenge negative behavior and it takes courage to be a voice that may be left to stand alone without support. I’ve been there and done that, so I know how it feels. It’s a lonely place to be out on a limb by yourself. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I believe in integrity! I believe in being strong! I believe in taking the hard knocks and criticism when it comes! I believe that my voice matters and counts!

We don’t do anyone any good by suffering silently or complaining about the same old stuff day in and day out. Much has been accomplished in our world by those who had the courage to take a stand for what they believed in! We wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the privileges we have in this country had everyone kept silent.

So the next time you are in a situation that affords you the opportunity to be an effective voice, stand up and be counted! Speak your mind! Just make sure that what you have to say will be of benefit to others! Don’t look around to see if anyone else has the guts to join you. BE STRONG ENOUGH!

Stay Tuned…


Book: To Be Called ‘Girlfriend’ Is A Privilege By Patricia Stuart