Let Him Carry You!



Jesus carries me


What does it feel like to be carried? To carry means to transfer from one place to another, to sustain the weight or burden, or to gain victory for someone. I find comfort in the definition of this word, ‘Carry’!

Have you ever experienced what it feels like to be carried by someone, namely Jesus? If so, you know when it’s happening. You know what it feels like.

Often, we need to be carried by our Lord. There are particular situations in our lives that require Him to carry us. In times of grief and despair, afflictions hard to bear, in moments of deep pain and anguish and when our faith has disappeared.

Yes, He carries us. He sustains the weight of the burden we’re experiencing. He helps us to get from one place in the trial to another and He gains the victory for us that we could not gain for ourselves.

You know when you are being carried. When you start wondering how you got from one point to another during a most difficult situation, you were carried!

There are times when under the weight of a trial you feel utter helplessness and you beat up on yourself because you failed to trust Him, yet again. You wait for the Lord to scold you for your lack of faith or to show some displeasure in you, but it never comes. He is carrying you!

The Lord God never kicks us when we’re down! He is ever patient and compassionate! He knows full well where we’re at spiritually and emotionally. He knows just what is needed in those times. He sends the right person to minister to us. He sends the ‘Word’ that is appropriate for the situation. He lets us rest a while as He, Himself, ministers to our wounds. These are precious moments!

I know what it feels like to be carried! I have felt the comfort and understanding from the Lord that encouraged my heart even in the midst of grief and pain. I don’t mind being carried. His strength became my strength. In all of my weakness and failings, He made me strong. I rested securely in His arms while the storm and dark clouds hovered continually. I owned my nothingness, I owned my weakness and I surrendered to Him and He carried me until the storm blew over.

Let Him Carry You! Let Him Be Your Strength in the midst of the storm! You will find Him to be a loving, compassionate and understanding friend. He will minister to your needs and reveal Himself in a new way!

Let Him Carry You!

Stay Tune…










Pressure Makes Diamonds



Have you ever thought about how diamonds are made? Are they just plucked and gathered as they are discovered? Where do diamonds come from?

“The process of diamond making is very interesting. It is labor intensive. There is a lot of excavation that is necessary to retrieve the rocks that have diamonds within them. In its pure state it is a rough stone, yet, a potentially precious stone. There is a process that it must go through in order to take it from the ‘rough’ stage to the ‘precious’ stage. Hence the term, ‘Diamonds in The Rough'”.

This is an excerpt from my new book, ‘Rich Beyond Measure’. We are all diamonds in the rough! God is the diamond expert who decides on the cut of the rough stone. He takes into account the weight of each diamond. No two diamonds are alike! Isn’t that wonderful?

Diamonds undergo ‘heat’ and ‘pressure’. After all, pressure makes diamonds! The diamond expert knows just how much heat and pressure to place the diamond under.

As Christians, we too undergo a similar process like the diamond. It is hard to withstand some of the pressures that God puts us through. The heat of every trial and affliction burns deeply. It can be painful, but sometimes God brakes our hearts in order to mend our hearts. Sometimes He is simply trying to rid us of all the impurities that reside in our hearts while at other times, He is testing our faith.

It is God’s desire that we endure the process. He is working ‘on us’ so that He could work ‘through us’. Cast not away your confidence in the Lord God!

You can be assured that you are in expert hands and God knows exactly what He is doing. He loves every one of His children and He cares deeply for them.

What pressures might you be going through at this very moment? Are the burdens pressing in? Are you feeling alone or misunderstood? Believe it or not, you’re in a good place. It is in those experiences that you see the face of God in a way like never before. It is the perfect place to experience His power and divine ability as He seeks to work magnificently in your life.

When we endure trials and afflictions we accumulate wealth! This is not a tangible wealth. We become rich! I know this to be true from personal experience.

Be encouraged! Hold on! Through your trials, God will carve out a wonderful ministry that is tailor made just for you!

Stay Tune…



New Book Rich Beyond Measure


Trials & Afflictions


For Lilies-When you know God's Got You

What would life be without them? How would you know what stuff you’re made of? How would you grow spiritually? These are the ideal questions that might be thrown at you, by some, who you think to be more spiritual, as they hear of the trials and difficulties you are facing.

It doesn’t matter how many Bible verses you can quote or how much of the Bible you know, trials come to all! Difficulties may be packaged differently per individual, but the challenge they present are deeply felt by all.

What is God after, one might ask? Why would God subject his children to such pain and suffering? Some experience sickness, while others suffer emotional pain. Many suffer rejection, being ostracized, abused and some, ultimately suffer death.

Trials and afflictions are hard to endure! The anguish and the pain are real. Some find themselves at ‘the deep end of the ocean’ where the darkness and loneliness is stifling and frightful.

Take courage! Be strong! Cast not away your confidence in God! He is ever near! Rest peacefully in Him.  He wants you to endure all that He sends your way! Your trials are priceless!!! There is great value in enduring afflictions and difficulties!

God is not cruel! He doesn’t sit in the heavens conjuring up things to make your life difficult! He sees what you can become when you yield your will to His. He sees all of the powerful ways He can use you in ministry work. There are people only you can reach! There are those who need to hear what you have personally learned of God!

Anyone can quote Scripture and spew Bible verses, but the ones who are effective in reaching others for the Lord are those who have endured all sorts of hardship. They speak what they know from personal experience. They have a revelation from God that is worth hearing about.

The sharks may come out and surround you, creating fear, but ask God for the strength you need to hold on and endure. He will keep you in perfect peace as long as you keep your mind on Him!

So the next time you find yourself going through trials, afflictions or difficulties, encourage yourself in the Lord because He is preparing you for greater things!

Stay Tune…