Running Out of Time!


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We have all experienced ‘Running Out of Time’.  So, what did we do? We narrowed down all of the important things that we knew had to be done, and we focused on them with the little time that was left.

What are you doing with the time you have left?  I am speaking about the remaining time before you are snatched up (raptured). The Bible was clear when it listed the signs of the times (2 Timothy 3:1-7).  God was also clear when He admonished believers everywhere to redeem the time because of the days we’re living in (Ephesians 5:16). We are commanded to exhort (to give urgent appeal ) to one another daily in relation to staying on the path and being obedient to God.

According to God, we are our brother’s keeper! I truly get that! What I don’t get is how often we under value one another. When I read the list in 2 Timothy chapter three, concerning the end times, there are some things mentioned there that I see prevalent in the Christian community that shouldn’t be. Some of us are selfish, unloving, unforgiving, lacking in self control and ungrateful. We’re devouring one another and we refuse to be corrected about anything!

Often we’re more service driven than ‘Obedience Driven’. In Malachi chapter 1, Israel was serving God in their own way. They were bringing offerings to God that were blemished (vs. 7-8). They were robbing God. In chapter 2:10, they were dealing treacherously with one another. Yet, they expected God to receive their offerings and move on as though everything was okay. Through the prophet Malachi, God charges them with their sin.

We are running out of time! God gives each and every believer plenty of time and opportunity to deal with their short comings and sins.  There is no acceptable reason to go on from day to day, week to week or year to year with the same un-godly behavior.

There is plenty left to do for God. There are souls that need a savior and hearts that need to be encouraged. There’s more teaching that is needed within the church. There are practical needs waiting  to be met and lots of prayers that need to reach the Father’s ear.

Taking these things into consideration, Let us go before God confessing and forsaking all that does not honor and please Him! Remember, God records everything!  We will be judged for how we have lived as believers! Judgement will start with us first!

Stay Tune…

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Change Is Sometimes Necessary!


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Growth brings about change! Each one of us has something in our lives that’s screaming for change! Sometimes it’s a new job, a new home, a new car, a new school, new friends or simply a new attitude. Whatever it is, it’s a sign that we’re growing!

Change usually results in something better. Evaluating present circumstances, and weighing the pros and the cons, along with wisdom and discernment from God; can lead to positive and rewarding change.

Change often does not occur without growth! In order to change your circumstances, there should be a process of growing that has been occurring over a period of time. For example, if you desire a job change, there should be a valid and legitimate reason for that change. Perhaps you have outgrown your present position and are looking for something more challenging or the stress level you are experiencing is jeopardizing your health. Perhaps at one time you were handling the stress and it was tolerable but now it’s not. Certainly you’ve come to realize that your health is more important, but some form of growth had to  of happened in order for you to come to terms with that.

Change without growth is not helpful because the changes you’ll make won’t necessarily be for the good. You might find yourself in the same rut, ending up in the same place all over again because you didn’t have a valid or legitimate reason that supported the change you made.

Recently, I’ve had to make some very important decisions that led to a few changes that would be for the greater good! For me, there will be no looking back because I’ve learned some valuable things over the past five years that has led to a lot of growth! In some instances, God, Himself, forced some things upon me, but He helped me to make some tough and hard decisions.  As a result, I was able to see what stuff I was made of. Looking back, I am amazed at what I was able to accomplish and what I have learned about God and myself!

Change is sometimes necessary! Change can be the best thing that needs to happen! Beautiful things can happen when we are willing to make that change! The caterpillar must go through a change in order to become the beautiful butterfly that we see. It is a process! Growth is a process that almost always leads to change.

Stay Tune…

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