Where Has ‘Integrity’ Gone?


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Where has ‘Integrity’ gone? I don’t care how much education, money, beauty, or status you have, if you lack integrity, you really don’t have much of anything!

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If you are in business and your clientele isn’t growing, do some soul searching to see where you are on the integrity scale. If you own your own business and over the years you haven’t been able to get the opportunities you’ve been looking for, perhaps the lack of ‘integrity’ is the problem.

Are you a woman of your word? Are you a man of your word? Do you follow through on the things you say? Have you kept the promises you’ve made to people?

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The individual that does not follow through on what they said they would do, will not get my business. I don’t care how talented they are, I will not tell others to buy from them, because if I do, my integrity will be compromised!

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When you fail to have integrity, you are telling people a lot about yourself. The messages that you’re sending may read like the following:

  1. You don’t care about yourself or others.
  2. You more than likely will throw them under the bus; in desperation to save yourself.
  3. You have too many issues of your own that you are not dealing with.
  4. You will lie and deceive if your neck is on the line.

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If you were trying to sell a product and you came across an interested buyer, would you get your product to them when you told them you would or would you sell the item to the highest bidder?

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Does ‘Integrity’ matter only when others are watching?


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It Takes Nothing To Join The Crowd


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As an observer of ‘Human Nature’, I have seen some disturbing things. I have witness people who join with others simply because they are afraid of being left out. Left out of what, you might ask?  They realize that the few individuals who seem to have the so called power and authority  have the ‘say so’. What’s interesting is that those in authority are often talked about, negatively, by the very ones who follow them.

Let’s face it, not everyone has the strength or the fortitude to be an individual who can stand alone.

There’s a tactic that weaker people use against those who don’t have a need to join their crowd. Yes, I said it, I call them ‘Weaker’, despite the fact that they are ultimately in charge. The tactic is to use their position of authority to dictate who gets to participate in or be a part of anything that they are heading up. If you don’t fall in line with them, they keep you out. It’s as simple as that!

I’ve watch how people respond to this particular tactic. It always makes me smile, while at the same time, I find it disturbing. It is disturbing to see individuals with good potential follow those who are weak. Weak persons have tons of insecurities which make them feel inadequate. Their self-esteem lies in their  position or title. They can be very educated and talented, yet, so very insecure. They have a tendency  to manipulate, or influence others to do the dirty work for them. This way, they could never be directly accused of doing anything wrong against anyone. Often, they have a great need for affirmation. Sometimes there’s a person in their group who has the stronger voice and the leader hides behind their ability to push things forward. They can only function comfortably by having other individuals in their camp. If you have the opportunity to catch them alone, you will notice how they  fade into the background.

It takes absolutely nothing to join the crowd! All you do is put up and shut up! If you find that difficult to do, you will be forced to stand alone.

There is something admirable about the man or woman who stands alone. They exhibit strength and confidence. They know who they are! They are men and women who have courage and integrity! Their self-esteem lies in someone or something greater than themselves! They are usually on the side of what is right. They are never found in compromising situations and neither do they participate in the manipulation of others. They do not sit on the side lines gossiping or speaking against other persons. They are leaders! They face challenges head on and deal with whatever is thrown at them.

Although it isn’t always pleasant or easy to stand alone, the benefits are worth it! A person who has made the conscious decision to stand alone will experience ostracizing, hatred and possible attacks. Nevertheless, they will have peace of mind. They can close their eyes at night with a clear conscious. They will be the ones who help others to grow and to prosper. Individuals who are looking to accomplish positive things will always seek them out. They will have the wisdom and discernment that is needed to guide a project, lead a group or head up a department. They will be an asset to any group or organization because they have learned, by experience, how to navigate under the most difficult of situations. Everything that they put their hands to do will almost always lead to success!

Are you an individual who follows the crowd or can you stand alone? Always remember, ‘It Takes Nothing To Join the Crowd, It Takes Everything To Stand Alone!” What stuff are you made of?

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Rest Is Vital To Good Health


We live and function daily under various forms of stress. We may have even promised ourselves that we would take a brake and get some R & R. Does it ever really happen?

I made a promise to myself that I have been keeping. I know when it is time to rest. 

Rest for me means putting air miles between me and the everyday routines of life.

Rest with an ocean view is what I’m talking about and I left the country and everything behind!

Get your rest! It is vital to good health! Don’t put yourself on the back burner! Make the necessary arrangements! Aren’t you worth it?

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