Every Opportunity Is Not From God



It is always a privilege and a blessing when you receive an open door to share your gift, skill, or talent, especially when you’ve been asking God for the opportunity.

However, every open door is not from God! Every opportunity that comes your way doesn’t necessarily have God’s signature attached to it.

When God opens a door, He always follows through with everything that you’ll need in order to perform the task ¬†at hand.

If a door opens up to you, and somewhere along the line you see confusion, misinformation, or a retraction of what was originally told to you, question whether or not this is truly an opportunity from God.

Many opportunities may come in your lifetime, but as a Christian, you want the ones that has God’s name attached. It is imperative that God be in the mix. After all, God is looking to be glorified in the end.

Never run after any opportunity that is not from God! Don’t try to force your way into any open door that God has not opened for you. The end result will not be a good one. God will not be honored.

Sometimes there’s an open door, or so you thought, and suddenly that door closes leaving a sense of disappointment. Take it as from the Lord. Quietly, and patiently, take it as from the Lord. It’s okay to be disappointed. It can happen, due to no fault of our own.

God is faithful! From the day you gave your heart to Him, He had every opportunity strategically planned with your name attached, with the dates and the where and the when mapped out. You don’t have to fight or force any doors open.

God is a God of order. God will never open a door for you, only to come back and close that same door. God is a man of His word! There’s no back peddling with God. Once He has something for you, He confirms it by following through.

When you are in His will, living right and pleasing Him, He will not keep back any opportunities that He wants you to have. Just be patient and wait on Him! God has your best at heart.

So, whatever the spiritual gifting, skill or talent, let God lead you and guide you. Always consult Him and ask Him to confirm whether or not the opportunity is from Him.

There is nothing better than experiencing the opportunities that come from God! You will have His peace and confidence as you execute the task at hand and everyone that’s involved will be blessed! God will ultimately get all the glory!

Stay Tune…


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