Mask: A cover or partial cover for the face, used for a disguise, a false face, a cover up. 

There are appropriate times for wearing a mask. At a masquerade party you can see the different masks that people arrive in. You might be able to identify who’s behind the mask if you are familiar with the exposed features of their face. Perhaps you can recognize an individual by their lips, nose or hair. Children as well as adults are known for wearing masks on the day of Halloween. Those are usually the appropriate times for wearing a mask.

There are masks that are not physical masks. They are the ones some people wear in order to disguise themselves, to cover their flaws, to re-invent themselves or to pretend that they are someone else.

Masked persons have held others hostage to the pain in their life. They cover up emotionally by giving others the impression that they are loving, caring and kind; meanwhile they are manipulative with evil intentions along with a host of other issues and problems. If anyone dare confront them on their behavior, they whip out another mask to cover the one they’re wearing.

Some people have learned to wear masks from the time of their childhood. If they have had a bad childhood or have experienced trauma, they may, for self preservation, wear a mask.

Once you get into the habit of wearing a mask, it is hard to take it off. You will have a difficult time confronting the real you!

Physical masks were meant to be removed. They are not to be permanently worn. Physical masks prevent you from seeing clearly. They block peripheral view. Physical masks can also be cumbersome and stifling. Emotional masks are similar in that they prevent individuals from facing the truth about themselves.

Liars wear masks! Liars don’t like themselves and as a result, they lie to cover or conceal the things they dislike or feel insecure about. They lie to mask the truth about their true character.

The problem with emotional masks is this; ‘People are transparent’! Really they are! Eventually everyone you deal with or have dealt with, will see you for who you really are! No mask of any size will hide that truth. Just give it some time.

Some of us wear more than one mask. We interchange them regularly; depending  on who we are trying to impress at the time.

Do you wear a mask? Have you ever tried to remove it? It is more fashionable and healthy to be yourself! We all have flaws and foibles. We all have weaknesses and failings. We all have feet of clay. The beauty is that we can always change the things that need to be changed in our lives. We have control over that. If you are trapped in past experiences that have wounded you, make the decision to get free of those negative feelings and reactions and take off the mask!

Remember this! Masks will never leave the wearer any happier. The longer you wear the mask the more miserable you’ll become.

Stay Tune…



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