There’s Room At The Top


Crabs in a Barrel

I love me some crabs! I would buy dozens of crabs and steam them. One thing I noticed about crabs is that they’ll claw their way to the top of the pot if you don’t get that lid on fast enough. One crab would claw the crab above it and move it to the side while it pushed its way to the top.

That picture could serve as a positive example for ingenuity and determination, however, I will liken it to something negative that I have noticed when it comes to human nature.

I’ve always been of the mindset that ‘Working Together’ allows people to accomplish more. I still believe that! As a matter of fact, I do just that when working on any project. I have enjoyed working together with others to achieve a common goal. I saw how much we were able to accomplish in a small span of time. Everyone served in their area of strength and gave 100%. By the end of the project we all had smiles on our faces and a deep sense of satisfaction that accomplishment brings. We celebrated, and looked forward to the benefits that were to come in.

You might be thinking, “That’s the ideal!” Yes, you’re right! It is a picture of an ideal situation. But, I say this, It should be the norm! Too often we see the opposite. There are talented men and women who grace this planet holding their dreams and aspirations close to their hearts with one hand while slugging the sister or the brother with the other hand.

My Brothers, My Sisters, ‘There is room at the top!” There is no need to feel threatened or insecure. There is no need to trample on others as you make your moves and navigate your craft. No one is like you and no one is like me. We all bring our unique differences to the table. There may be thousands trying to accomplish similar feats, but there’s only one ‘You’ that can bring that special something to the table.

I wish that we, as a people, were of the mindset that breeds togetherness. By now, more of us could have owned our own printing presses thereby servicing writers while making it easier to get more books out there that would strengthen and empower our communities. We could have had more companies of our own with franchises that would help to take care of the financial needs to further the education needed for our youth. There is so much more that we can do together than we could do apart.

Look around you…are there other individuals with the same aspirations and dreams you have? Is there a way that you can work together for the same common goal? See if there is a way to band together to accomplish your dream and theirs.

Let’s not have that “Crabs in a Barrel mentality”. At the end of the day, even the crabs that make it to the top, by kicking the others back, will eventually have the same thing done to them given enough time!

Stay Tune…