Keeping Your Focus


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The problem with trying to stay focused on a particular thing or way of life is that all sorts of seemingly, necessary things, get in the way. Should that change your desire to remain focused? Absolutely not!

You will have to put a plan in place on a daily basis and stick to it! Don’t take any unnecessary detours! Make room for a few exceptions. Sometimes an emergency occurs that can stop you from following through on your goals for the day. That’s okay, provided you get on track as soon as possible. Discipline yourself!

Keeping focused will require that you make sacrifices along the way. You will definitely have to curtail a few social events, and pull all the way back with using forms of communication such as: texting, phone calls, and unplanned get-to-gethers.

Most of the people whom we admire for their great achievements and successes knew how to prioritize and sacrifice a lot of things in order to achieve their dreams or to reach their goals.

Have you ever tried focusing on a particular project, short term/long term goal or life changing behavior until you’ve accomplished what was needed? It may not be easy, but it will be necessary in your quest to become more and to have more.

Write down some of the things you can do without or live without on a daily basis. That can include things like: certain foods, activities, or even people. Figure out what it will actually take for you to achieve success.

There is nothing more satisfying or gratifying than to accomplish what you’ve set out to do in life. The big pay off is when other’s pay you for it or open doors for you that you didn’t see coming. That’s the result of hard work and keeping your focus. On top of all of that, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Stay Tune…..

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All You Can Be



If I were to take a survey, asking 100 people this question, “Are you working towards being all that you can be?” I would probably get more positive answers than not. If I follow that question with, “How many hours do you spend focusing on your passion?” I would get blank stares or answers that would suggest that they want to, but.

In a fast moving world with daily obligations, I’d be the first to tell you that it is an absolute challenge to stay focused, for any length of time, in order to get important things accomplished. It takes discipline to develop your passion. It takes sacrifice to nurture it. It takes having a vision in order to see that you have something worth pursuing. Passion is directly connected to what you are to be doing in life.

The challenge may be this; you are distracted by things that aren’t going to really matter in the long run. There are so many distractions in life. Work can be a needful distraction if too much of ones time is given to it beyond what is actually needed.

Discipline is a must to achieve anything worthy in life. It’s been said that, “Good habits are hard to break and bad habits are hard to break.” So very true! Discipline requires down sizing. The amount of time spent weekly engaging in  television, movies, socializing and simply doing nothing, will have to stop. Your time will have to be budgeted and dispensed differently.

It takes focus and discipline to follow and feed your passion! The people around you won’t understand it unless they are doing likewise. If you can manage to set a realistic weekly schedule that will allow you to work on the thing or things you’re passionate about, you’ll  see how it will drawn you in, leaving you with joy and satisfaction.

In order to be all you can be, you need to appreciate being alone, to a great extent. You will have to become comfortable with yourself, and the process it will take to see your passion grow wings. I never met one successful person who didn’t understand the importance of spending time alone .

An artist spends a certain amount of hours daily sketching and painting. A runner constantly trains and does all of the things that will help him or her win the race. A writer writes daily as they work towards the goal of publishing their book.

The only one that can stand in the way of you becoming all you can be is ‘YOU’! You are in charge of your time, outside of work and other mandatory responsibilities. There are 24 hours in each day and we all are given the same amount of time.

Don’t let life pass you by while you sit holding potential in your hand! Life is short and time waits for no one! Life is brief and you don’t know when your number will be up. Things happen quickly when you least expect it. Day after day you are growing older.What will you have to show for the years you’ve been given?

What kind of potential do you possess? What are you passionate about? What is within your grasp, right now, that can assist you in achieving it? Are you in company with others who are working towards the same goals? Have you taken seminars, workshops or read books that can give you the information needed in order to set a plan in motion?

Don’t let another day go by where you don’t try to respond to that burning desire within you! Focus in and discipline yourself. Remember, there will always be time to socialize, watch T.V. and veg out. But for now, don’t rob yourself or the world. You have something great to offer!

Stay Tune…


Making 2017 A Year To Be Proud Of!



How was 2016? Was it all you had expected it to be? Did you set goals? Did you reach those goals? Did you grow emotionally, and spiritually? What will be different in 2017?

There is one thing life has taught me and it’s this; in order to see change, you must do things differently than in the past. You can’t keep doing the same thing in the same way and expect to see change.

It is also important to set realistic short term goals, and long term goals. I don’t believe in making resolutions. They usually tend to fall by the wayside two weeks into the new year.

Write your goals down on paper. Set a strategy in place with all of the things that you will need in order to achieve them.

Be prepared to drop a few individuals whom you’ve been carrying. Keep the people in your circle that have proven to be of help, support, and who have been an encouragement to you. Don’t waste energy on relationships that are not giving you what you need in order to grow and expand mentally.

Be disciplined and diligent in your quest to reach your goals for 2017.  Decide now how you will handle those days when you absolutely want to throw in the towel and give up. Work out a strategy now for staying on track no matter what. At times, we can be our own worse enemy.

Align yourself with people who are achieving their dreams. If you don’t know of any such persons, start reading about anyone who fits that category.  Hearing about other people’s journey to success is a great motivator. Read up on everything and anything that has to do with what you are looking to do. Take a couple of classes if necessary.

Confront your fears and your worse nightmares. Sometimes they are only illusions. Keep in mind that anything worth doing is not without difficulty. Roll up your sleeves and do the hard stuff. Hard work really does pay off and besides that, it has never killed anyone.

Learn from all of your past mistakes and blunders and aim to avoid them in the future. Share your ideas and dreams with people who will respect them. Sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut with what you’re doing. Not everyone wants to see you succeed! Everyone is not in your corner!

Have a prosperous and eventful New Year! Enjoy the journey and all of the exciting and wonderful things that can come your way! Embrace meeting new people and make it a year you will be proud of!

Stay Tune…



That Time of Year


Fall Season2015 is quickly coming to an end and I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is 5 weeks away! At the end of each year, I try to reflect over the past months and take inventory.

It’s important to take inventory of our lives. We should also set realistic goals that will enable us to achieve what is necessary and vital for happiness and productivity.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand still for too long. I have to be moving and growing and trying new things. That’s how I spell ‘Growth’.

I am in the process of finishing my fourth book as well as creating works of art that will hit the market place.

2015 has been a year wrought with challenges of all kinds. Life wouldn’t be ‘Life’ without these divine interruptions. By the time Thanksgiving comes around, I will have a host of things that I am grateful and thankful for!

Overall, its been a good year so far, at least for me. I’ve seen a lot and I’ve learned a lot. That is something no one can take away from me! I took creativity to a completely different level, while challenging myself at the same time.

I took the ‘Hard Things’ that life and God handed me and rolled with it, knowing that it was all going to work for my good!

It feels good to grow and to expand in areas of the heart and mind.

That’s what makes life worth living!

Stay Tune…..