Living Out Your Purpose!

At Your Disposal Lord!

At Your Disposal Lord!

There is nothing more gratifying and satisfying than to live the life you were intended to live!

To awaken each day on purpose makes life worth living. I use to wake up each day thinking of ways to avoid life all together. Life was hard then, and life wasn’t worth living; in my opinion. Life was painfully lonely and sad. There were a lot of people around me, but they didn’t even see me. They didn’t know me, just my name.

I observed others as they went about accomplishing their dreams and pursuing their life long passion and wondered what was the difference between me and them. Yes, they had all of the vital things in place to help them get from one stepping stone to another, but then I noticed how others, similar to them, failed to achieve anything.

I began to observe some who I could identify with, who had a similar background with similar struggles. One thing stood out! They had ‘determination!’ Despite their struggles, despite the fact that no one was there to encourage them, they went after any and everything that they were interested in, and they developed a passion for what they were good at!

Passion is caught. It cannot be taught! I had desires and dreams too! At the time, I thought it would be impossible for me to achieve anything because I didn’t have people in my corner, but I was sadly mistaken. All I needed was ‘Me’! I needed to be in my corner and do what came natural for me to do and stick with that! That’s exactly what I did! In the process, I got someone’s attention and the rest is history.

I discovered that I was alive and on this planet for a reason. I discovered that It was necessary for me to live life to the fullest despite all of the odds that were against me. There were many odds against me. I was motherless and fatherless, I was a female and black at that, I was alone, and I was invisible to most!

There is nothing more powerful than to work with what you’ve been given. I decided that I wouldn’t let anything keep me from accomplishing my dreams! Every obstacle became an opportunity to try harder. Every closed door made me knock ┬álonger. I read books on everything and anything that I wanted to do. Just about everything I know how to do came from reading about it! I decided that there was no one that could rob me of living out my purpose but ‘Me’!

I attribute all of my success and all of what I’ve been able to achieve, to a God who entered the struggle with me. I invited Him into my life to be there for the long haul and to escort me through this journey called, ‘Life’!

I am living out my passion as a writer and living out my purpose! I am achieving goals each and every day and it began with a little determination and we know that a little ‘determination’ goes a long way!

Stay Tuned…..