Value Time!



It is true, that in life, we spend the majority of our time with the things that we value the most.

When I was younger, I did not value ‘Time’. My sense of ‘Time’ was simply to ignore it. It came everyday and everyday I used it ignorantly.

Today, I view ‘Time’ differently! Everyday that it comes, I snatch it, while trying to hold on to it! Since I cannot extend the hours of the day, or remain awake long enough to achieve all of the things I want to accomplish, I wake up earlier. I am simply trying to gain more time to do the things God has placed me here to do. It’s a daily frustrating task, chasing ‘Time’.

‘Time’ waits for no man! We must make the most of what we’ve been given. Had I known, when I was younger, that ‘Time’ would eventually run out, I would have planned differently. Had I known that I would become tired earlier in the day, I would have made efforts to focus more on my strengths while starving my weaknesses. Had I known that my physical ability would diminish, I would have made the time to strengthen my body. Had I known that my youth would fade, I would have spent less time in the mirror, less time worrying and wondering what I was going to wear, and instead, I would have produced more art.

I am now more mindful and respectful of ‘Time’. I am making the most with what I’m given everyday! I give no excuses for not writing, producing artistically, or reading each day. By 9 pm each night, I must have something to show for the ‘Time’ I’ve used.

It is the second month of the new year, how are you using ‘Time’? Have you managed to keep the resolutions you made at the end of 2016? Have you kept your own word for changing the things in your life that need changing?

When you’re young, you never stop to think about dying. When you become middle-aged, you see things differently, and when you see that ‘Hill’ coming, you realize that ‘Time’ is running out! Each day that you and I wake up, is a blessing, and another opportunity to make the most of the life we’ve been given. ‘Time’ can easily run out on us in a micro-second or sooner! None of us know how long it was destined for us to be alive.

Value ‘Time’! Respect ‘Time’! Don’t Waste It or Ignore It! After it is all said and done, we will have to give an account for the ‘Time’ we had, here on the earth!

Stay Tune….


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