The ‘Conscience’ That’s Tired of Being Ignored!



Conscience – an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.

We all have one! Not all of us respond well to our conscience and what it tells us to do in every given situation.

The ‘Conscience’ has been given to us, by God, I believe, to caution us and to stop us from making a wrong decision, as well as to convict us in the event that we do.  At times, our conscience leaves us feeling good and at other times it can leave us feeling badly. There is a reason for that!

The question becomes this; how do we respond to the tug of the conscience? We are definitely free to ignore it or to listen to it. We can delay its message to us or we can flat out disagree. None the less, we won’t be able to shut it up!

The ‘Conscience’ is there to help us adjust ourselves and our thinking. If our conscience convicts us of doing wrong or responding negatively to something, we need to pay attention to it and make the necessary adjustments.

There are some who wrestle with their conscience. They refuse to take heed to it and they wrestle with the convicted feelings that have been stabbing at them. This isn’t a good thing. Never wrestle with your conscience!

Admitting to oneself that the thing you are about to do and say is wrong or destructive may be difficult, but if you follow through on a negative action, your conscience will get you! You try to shove it away and dismiss it, all the while lying to yourself. You know that your conscience is trying to guide you into what is right, but you just won’t listen to it.

I have no sympathy for those who ignore their conscience. Eventually, they’ll hit a brick wall and suffer the consequences for their actions. By then, they deserve whatever comes!

There is nothing more beautiful than when your conscience leaves you feeling free, elated and glad! The outcome of your action may not make everyone else happy, but you’ll have peace of mind because you have done the right thing. After all, each person has to be able to live with their conscience and at the end of the day, sleep with it too.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the longer you delay the proper response to your conscience, that you will eventually stop hearing its prodding. Honestly, you cannot ignore it! It will always resurface, and when it does, you will have bigger problems! The task that it has been calling you to do will become harder the longer you wait.

The conscience that is tired of being ignored, will implode, and go through violent compression. I have witnessed the aftermath of a person who refused to listen to their conscience. The pain and distress that they experienced was devastating to watch. There was no comfort for them. Their regret was a mile long. The spill out affected other people. The casualties were great.

There are only 4 more days left to 2016. Let us all be mindful to not ignore that inner voice.  If our conscience call us to swallow our pride, let’s do it. It will benefit us in the end. If it assaults us because we did the dastardly thing, make things right with whoever the right is due. If our conscience leaves us in peace feeling great, wonderful, we will reap the harvest from it and add more stature to our character!

Stay Tune…